New Rou Gui Oolong Tea Brightens Our Season

Oolong teas are among my favorites, so when we sold out of our Rou Gui a month or so ago, I was resigned to the fact that I may need to wait until next spring to enjoy this again.

Fate smiled on me though, as we received a sample from another of our friends a couple of weeks ago.  I wasted no time in cupping this oolong tea and was immediately struck by the aroma of cinnamon for which this tea is noted.  The aroma translates nicely in the taste of the tea as well.  It is smooth, slightly floral, with a cinnamon flavor that makes this a complex and exciting tea.

I only hope that we have enough to hold us until the spring crop!


New Tea Rediscoveries

I notice that just like many of my patrons, I tend to drink many of the same teas on a regular basis. Though we have about 100 varieties on the shelf, I gravitate towards some comfortable favorites. Every once in a while after I make a tea for a customer that I have not tasted for a while, I sip some of the same. A little light goes off in my head, and I remember why we have this in our selection!.

It was that way this morning. I looked at our tea wall for something bold, and ‘rediscovered’ our Khongea Golden Bud Assam. As soon as I opened the tin, the full smooth aroma told me that I selected the perfect tea with which to start my day. It has the strength and bold taste I need to get going, but is full of golden tips which makes it very smooth.

New Year’s resolution: Add variety to the day; Drink a different tea every day!

Campaign to make tea the ‘traditional’ Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  This has become an important holiday for many.  If you don’t think so, just skip getting your significant other a gift or card and see what happens.  I did this one year, thinking we could save a little money at the time, and I get reminded of my lapse of good judgment on a regular basis!

Consider tea as the replacement for flowers and chocolates as the quasi official gift for Valentines.  Think about it for a moment.  Flowers are beautiful, but they sit on a counter and die after a few days.  Chocolate is great, but it gets hoarded by the recipient (at least in our house!)  Tea however offers several distinct advantages.

First of all, it is economical, so you can give without breaking the bank. (Yes I know my ‘thriftiness’ shows up again!)  It lasts for months, so is a reminder of your thoughtfulness and generosity.  Many of the teas are visually attractive, especially those with flowers in them.  But most importantly, tea is meant to be enjoyed and shared with others.  If done right, we slow down a moment, and spend time with each other while waiting for the tea to infuse, then while drinking we converse and enjoy one another’s company.  What better gift for Valentine’s Day than one that will allow us to spend time with those that are special!

So next time you get to vote on this (or act) consider a gift that is really special, your time over a special tea that you chose!