The Tea Smith After 5

Tea Smithies are constantly experimenting with tea blends, cooking with matcha, and making off-menu drinks. After much
pastedImage consideration, we’ve decided to start offering several of these creations on a special menu, available only at our Old Market location after 5p Thursday-Saturday and anytime on Sunday.

Our ‘After 5’ menu features refreshing tea based cocktails (sans alcohol!), blended drinks, small bites, and even a few desserts! Our drinks are non-alcoholic, served in special glassware, and our food offerings include options for our gluten-free and vegan friends, too!

Many Omaha residents and visitors frequent the Old Market because it is a great place to gather with friends or for work, to grab a drink, shop, eat, and unwind. The Tea Smith Old Market has always been a place of calm amongst the storm of the Old Market hustle and bustle, offering teas, accessories, snacks, and wi-fi. With our new After 5 menu, we’ve also added some additional comfy seating and adjusted our lighting to make our Old Market location the perfect spot to Gather, Eat, Drink, and Relax.

We are SO excited to share our new creations with you! Over the coming days, we will share photos and details of these new items. Stay tuned!!

Click Here to view our After 5 menu!

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