Green Tea and Hepatitis C

You might already be familiar with many of green tea’s great properties which range from helping fight tooth decay to promoting weight loss, but could a little plant and some hot water really have the power to help deal with a serious disease like Hepatis C?

It’s amazing to think that although green tea’s medicinal properties have been put to use for hundreds of years, scientists are still researching and uncovering new benefits for frequent tea drinkers.

According to a new study from Germany, now you can add fighting Hepatitis C to that list of health benefits. The study indicates green tea has the ability to inhibit HCV (Hepatitis C Virus)  in patients that have undergone liver transplants. The key is a flavnoid known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which can block HCV from attacking a new liver.

Up to 30 percent of liver transplants are related to end stage liver disease brought on by Hepatitis C. For patients with a brand new liver, keeping this vital organ free of infection is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the rate of reinfection for these kinds of patients is extremely high and most of them end up with degenerating livers once again.

This study points a way towards finding a holistic, all natural solution to an important medical issue that affects a great number of people with Hepatitis C. Although EGCG can’t prevent initial contraction of the Hepatits C virus, it can provide a treatment to reduce the chances of reinfection in patients with liver transplants, which can break the cycle of organ damage and put people back on the road to a full recovery.

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