Experimenting with Breakfast Teas


English, Irish, Organic China, or Blacksmith Blend… why are these considered “breakfast teas” and is there really any difference between them?

First… what are they?

Breakfast teas are generally big bold black teas that are intended to accompany a hearty morning meal and therefore require a more robust flavor profile to accommodate typical morning flavors. Breakfast teas with their rich and bold flavors also blend well with milk and sugar, a morning staple for many, and they most certainly pack a decent punch of morning caffeine.

So which one do I want?

Well it probably requires some testing and experimenting but if you start with English, Irish and China you most likely will find the tea that best helps you shake away the morning cobwebs.

English breakfast is a classic black tea and may be the most widely drunk blend in the world. It has its roots in a tea that hailed from tea’s birthplace, China, in particular it was a tea called Keemun, exclusively produced in the county of Qimen. More likely today, English breakfast blend includes teas from Ceylon The Tea Smith’s English Breakfast Black Tea is a bold yet smooth blend that is as refreshing to the mind as to the body. English Breakfast should be in everyone’s pantry.

Irish breakfast as compared to English Breakfast should be stronger and bolder.  Assam teas from India combined with other styles of black tea reach an extremely rich and full bodied flavor. Some Irish breakfast blends can have a distinct earthy, almost coffee like quality. The Tea Smith’s Irish Breakfast Black Tea  stands up very well to the addition of milk and sugar.

Our China Breakfast, unlike its English or Irish counterparts which are made primarily from Assam and various other sources of black teas, comes from Yunnan black tea. These teas are note for their rich flavor and  pleasant earthy notes. The Tea Smith’s China Breakfast is an Organic  blend of  Yunnan teas that makes this a remarkable tea while remaining familiar and comforting.

So the common theme for breakfast teas is the bold robust flavor that they provide. As you can see beyond that the possibilities are really limitless. The best way to find your favorite cup of morning tea is through experimentation and in that vein you might try the Tea Smith’s exclusive Blacksmith Blend Black Tea.  Though it is not strictly a breakfast, our special blend is bold enough to stand with the breakfast teas but with a hint of Darjeeling to add a hint of sweetness to the cup. Happy experimenting!

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