Celebrating 15 Years of Tea and Community

Tim Smith pouring Tea

As 2019 begins, we are looking forward to the 15th anniversary of The Tea Smith! This time also give us pause to reflect on our Tea Journey for the past one and a half decades.

When we started out, we thought it was going to be all about the tea. To an extent, we were correct. We have had the opportunity to discover, taste, and share teas from all around the world. From large producers to small growers, each add their unique imprint on us and on our friends. We continue to be in awe of the amount of work and care it takes to produce even one pound of tea. Without their skill and knowledge, the tea world would be much less flavorful and intriguing.

But as The Tea Smith has grown, we learned tea is as much about building community as it is about the drink itself. We have been fortunate enough to have many people contribute their time and talents at The Tea Smith; they have come to imbibe our love of tea and sharing the tea with our supporters. Many of those that have moved on to new adventures in their lives are still involved and supportive of our efforts.

Our customers, be they consumers or businesses, have been a big part of our inspiration and success over the years. We cannot express what it means to us when we overhear a customer telling another, “This is my tea store.” Or when a shop shares with us their customers’ enthusiasm about the teas we made for them to sell and serve. We are so pleased to be a part of their growth and success.

It is with great anticipation that we prepare to celebrate our 15th anniversary and to see what the next 15 years have in store for us. Whatever it is, you can be sure we will continue to seek out great teas, build our knowledge, and to share all that with you, The Tea Smith community.

We wish you great prospects and great tea experiences for 2019!


Tim Smith and the Tea Smithies

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