Puerh Tea and blood sugar levels

Dear T Bloggers, 

Thought I would tell you what I have discovered about drinking tea for my health!  Since becoming a serious tea drinker in 2004, I tried to find the tea with the most health for my buck.  That made me take a look at Pu-erh teas, the Chinese health tea.  I found out that it did a great job lowering my blood sugars every AM!  But I also found out that I couldn’t drink a lot of it without eating something before noon or I would have too much of a drop in my blood sugar.  Have you had a similar experience?  LL

1 thought on “Puerh Tea and blood sugar levels”

  1. I just tried Pur Erh (ginger) and it TRULY was calming. I don’t know that I noticed any change in my blood sugar, but I do like tea!

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