Tea Recipes from Maine

With little effort you can find recipes using tea.  This seems to be a popular trend these days.  It is certainly fun, as it allows one to explore their creative side.  The attached link will take you to aroundmaine.com which features an article on cooking with tea.  I have not tried the recipes (yet), though the Tea-Smoked Scallops will be first on my list.

If you have a favorite recipe using tea, please feel free to share it with others here.


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2 thoughts on “Tea Recipes from Maine”

  1. Speaking of tea and flavoring, I just purchased loose green tea. While I enjoy the flavor of loose green tea, I am interested in adding another flavor to perk up the flavor of my green tea. What flavors do you recommend that I add to the loose green tea for great taste?


  2. Adding flavors is farily subjective depending on ones flavor preferences. I always look to those that will blend with or enhance the flavor of the tea rather than masking it.

    One choice is peppermint. A strong green tea, such as gunpowder combined with mint is the classic Moroccan Mint.

    I have also seen apple, apricot, cherry and pear as popular choices.

    Experimenting is half the fun!


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