Spring Teas have Sprung

Tea Smith Tea and white cup

With the arrival of spring and its ever-warming weather, there are a plethora of bright, floral and herbal teas to match what’s happening outside. Spring teas are among the most beautiful, colorful, and delightful flavors available at any time of year. And for tea-lovers, the start of spring is pure enjoyment!

In Japan, the season of spring is marked by the aromatic, pink blossoms of cherry trees. The sense of renewal is captured in our Cherry Blossom Green Tea, marked with dried cherry bits. http://www.theteasmith.com/product/Cherry-Blossom-Green-Tea.html

Spring is most arguably the high season for Chinese tea. Some of the nation’s best and most sought-after teas originate in spring, when the first buds on tea plants are harvested after the winter.

Jasmine Pearl is comprised of Fine Pouchong leaves, scented with jasmine blooms, then rolled into pearls that unfurl in your cup. These slender green leaves produce their entrancing aroma for three, four, five infusions. http://www.theteasmith.com/product/Finest-Jasmine-Pearls-Green-Tea.html

Black tea is widely known for its wealth of benefits, from increasing energy to boosting immunity. Simply Strawberry Black Tea has a subtle aroma and flavor when hot, but a slightly stronger aroma and sweet flavor once it has cooled making it a treat that can be enjoyed all year long! http://www.theteasmith.com/product/Simply-Strawberry-Black-Tea.html

Perfect for a sunny spring day is The Tea Smith’s Orange Blosson Rooibos tea. This is a light, orange-scented tea with curls of orange zest. When infused, the rind imparts a splash of citrus that comes together with the crispness of rooibos. http://www.theteasmith.com/product/Orange-Blossom-Rooibos-Tea.html

If you’re looking for something soothing after a long day, the natural oils in Lavender White Tea promote relaxation even before you take that first sip. White teas are enjoyed for their floral notes. Add natural lavender flowers and you have a tea that is uplifting and at the same time relaxing. http://www.theteasmith.com/product/Lavender-Spring-White-Tea.html

The short time between spring and summer brings about the new first flush Darjeelings from India. First flushes are regarded as the “champagne of tea.” Stay tuned! We will be announcing the arrival of our 2017 Darjeeling- 1st Flush- soon!

The Tea Smith partners with Alice’s Embrace to Make Lap Blanket/Prayer Shawls for Area Memory Care Centers!

The Tea Smith partners with Alice’s Embrace to Make Lap Blanket/Prayer Shawls for Area Memory Care Centers! 

Organizational Meeting to get everyone started! The Tea Smith (78th and Dodge store) on September 10th from 1:00-2:00 pm or September 14th from 7:00- 8:00 pm

The Tea Smith (78th and Dodge store) has partnered with Alice’s Embrace to bring love and caring to the elderly in our community. We will be making lap blankets and prayer shawls for folks in Memory Care Units in the Omaha area. This will be an ongoing project so you can join at any time.

What do you need to participate? A knowledge of casting on, knit, purl and binding off for knitters and crochet crafters need knowledge of chain, single, double and half double stitches. Each pattern has specific requirements for needles or hooks. We will only accept 100% Acrylic Yarn since the garments need to be washed and dried by machine. You do need to supply your own single color yarn to make the designs stand out and “pop” for the residents. Please check all sales at our craft stores in the area or on-line. You can easily get the required yarn on sale for approx. $12-15.

Won’t you please join our cause, meet new friends and relax with your favorite beverage all in one place –The Tea Smith, of course!!!

Omaha Health Expo

The Tea Smith will be at the 9th Annual Omaha Health, Wellness, & Fitness Expo that runs from April 9th – 10th at the Baxter Arena Omaha.  Join us at the area’s largest health event where experts from many industries will have invaluable information on ways we can all improve our lives and live longer and happier!   

In addition to all of the great vendors that will be there, The Tea Smith will have a booth because, as you well know, tea can be a healthy part of a natural lifestyle.  There are so many health benefits of tea; it is so much more than a bag of brown leaves and this event gives people the chance to taste, sample teas.

Most people find surprising that tea is very healthy!  Tea is low in calories but is chock full of nutrition.  Many types of teas have vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and K as well as carotene and folic acid.  Very healthy indeed! 

Think coffee and sodas are the only way to get your caffeine boost?  Not so!  Tea is a healthy, better alternative (in our humble opinion) over sugary pops or that morning cup of Joe!  While the general rule is the tea has half the caffeine of tea, coffee and sodas are created to hit the body hard and fast. Tea, however, is slower in the release of caffeine which means that pick-me-up lasts longer.  So…I guess we can say that tea is both calming and energizing at the same time.  Also interesting is that the amino acids found in tea helps the brain focus and you do not have to add sugar or additional sweeteners to naturally flavored tea.  Now that’s a win-win for a healthy beverage.

Tea is healthy! That is why we are so excited about participating at the Omaha Health, Wellness, & Fitness Expo in April.  Stop by and visit, we would love to talk tea with you.  We will have several tea flavors to sample that we are sure visitors will find pleasant to drink.  We will have tea to sell as well as accessories and everything that a new tea drinker needs to get started. For more information visit:


Tea and your Teeth

For daily tea drinkers, here’s a factoid that will brighten your day and possibly your smile: teas contain trace amounts of fluoride that can help prevent tooth decay. That’s right, drinking green teas, black teas and oolong teas can help promote oral health.

You might be thinking that fluoridated water used to brew tea should be getting all the credit, but that’s not the case! Fluoride is naturally stored in the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, which are later harvested to make tea. Older tea leaves have more fluoride than newer leaves. White teas are made from the newest leaves of the camellia sinensis plant and therefore contain the least amount of fluoride.

Of course, many people are aware of the dangers of ingesting too much fluoride, including a heightened risk for osteoporosis. So does that mean you should be worried about the fluoride content in your tea? Not at all!

Even if you drank a whole liter of green tea in one day, the amount of fluoride would be well below the recommended levels for safe consumption. The amount of fluoride found in your average tea will contain just about the recommended dose for fighting off cavities and ensuring that teeth stay strong and healthy. So kick back, relax with your favorite cup and enjoy the added benefit of healthier teeth!

Cherry Blossoms Are Here

cherryblossoms.jpgCherry blossom season is upon us! Between March and April, barren branches of cherry blossom trees explode into color, creating a beautiful sight to behold.

In Japan, where the tradition of celebrating the blooming of cherry blossom trees started, festivities will be in full swing, with families and friends gathering outdoors in parks to have picnics, drink sake and take in the view of dormant trees bursting into life. It’s such a significant event in the country that the weather bureau makes a yearly announcement of the blossom forecast, predicting when and where trees will be at their prime for everyone’s viewing pleasure. There are even websites that track hanami hotspots.

The tradition has caught on and spread far beyond Japan’s borders. Macon, Georgia’s International Cherry Blossom Festival is a huge festival with more than a few days worth of events. It’s no surprise since Macon is known as the cherry blossom capital of the world, with hundreds of thousands of trees that paint the town pink every year. Other notable celebrations in the United States include the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC and the Sakura Mastsuri Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York.

There are a few different types of cherry blossom trees, each on producing their own distinctly shaped and colored blossoms. The Yoshino produces single white blossoms. From far away, a group of these trees can easily look like big fluffy white clouds rising up from the ground. Akenobo cherry trees give way to single, pastel-pink blossoms. Kwanzan and Fugenzo trees both produce pink double blossoms, although the flowers found on the latter tree are not as clear, and have a bit more rouge in their complexion. Shirofugen trees yield white flowers that later transition to pink while Sargent Cherries are known for a more saturated and intense pink. With so many varieties, it’s easy how you can make a full day of tracking down all different kinds of blossoms!

The Kwanzan grows primarily in East Potomac Park and comes into bloom two weeks after the Yoshino. It produces clusters of clear pink double blossoms. East Potomac Park also has Fugenzo, which produces rosy pink double blossoms, and Shirofugen, which produces white double blossoms that age to pink.[17][19]

To celebrate the advent of cherry blossoms, the Tea Smith is featuring our very own Cherry Blossom Tea. March and April are the best time to enjoy teas blended with fresh cherry blossoms in-season. It’s a Sencha tea punctuated with cherry bits that evokes the freshness and promise of spring. Happy Hanami!