Puerh Tea and blood sugar levels

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Thought I would tell you what I have discovered about drinking tea for my health!  Since becoming a serious tea drinker in 2004, I tried to find the tea with the most health for my buck.  That made me take a look at Pu-erh teas, the Chinese health tea.  I found out that it did a great job lowering my blood sugars every AM!  But I also found out that I couldn’t drink a lot of it without eating something before noon or I would have too much of a drop in my blood sugar.  Have you had a similar experience?  LL

Beverage Guidelines

Staying healthy in a world that is continuously “growing smaller”, with germs circling the globe as we travel from one country to another in hours rather than days, can be alarming.  Drinking tea can help.  Tea will improve your state of mind as well as improve your immunity.  Check out the article by Dr. Balz Frei, The Beverage Guidelines: What Should You Drink to Stay Healthy? You will find it in the Fall/Winter 2006 research newsletter from the Linus Pauling Institute 

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Fluoride in Tea

With all the new awareness of trying to get back to purity in foods and going organic we also think about our water and what chemicals are put into it to make it safe to drink. Many of you have purifying systems to take out some of these chemicals. That is one way of getting rid of chemicals we deem harmful to ourselves and our children. One very important natural chemical that occurs in tea leaves is fluoride. Black tea carries the most fluoride but all tea has this most important content for our bones and teeth. For further information read Dr. Jane Higdon’s research on fluoride at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.

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